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Bollards and Post Tops: A Solid Idea for Campus Safety

Bollards and Post Tops: A Solid Idea for Campus Safety

November 1, 2017

University and college campuses are often compared to small towns or communities since they feature residences as well as basic amenities like restaurants, pharmacies, clothing stores, and the like. Since it is a very dense population within a small area, there’s a high level of concern for the safety of the students and the property. This is why bollards and post tops are often considered for campuses since they offer numerous benefits at a relatively low cost. 

One of the most notable benefits of installing bollards and post tops is the increased protection of pedestrians from unauthorized traffic. As many students rely on public transportation, it’s important to ensure that areas surrounding the bus stops are kept structured. This is to avoid accidental ramming onto the curb. Installing bollards and post tops in these areas helps to delineate lanes and access points for pedestrians. It ultimately keeps pedestrians safe while maintaining a flow of traffic. 

Speaking of traffic, pedestrian traffic also needs to be managed. As students navigate to and from classes, it’s important to ensure that they travel safely. This is why it’s essential to incorporate bollards and post tops at intersections where cars can mount the curb while turning and have bollards and post tops preventing students from entering unauthorized areas. If there are certain areas of the campus that are maintained and not intended to be trampled from the student body, then incorporate bollards as a perimeter will help to reduce the likelihood of students entering the premises.

In addition to traveling to and from classes, it’s important to ensure that students can travel to and from home safely. This is why installing bollards in front of residences helps because it prevents cars from entering premises where students are being picked up and dropped off in front of residences.

Another common location for bollards and post tops  is on pathways that are frequented at night. By using LED bollards and post tops specifically, students can travel along the route while remaining secure from cars potential threats from another pedestrian, or accidentally entering a bike lane and reducing the flow of traffic.

Ultimately, bollards and post tops are used on campuses as a safety measure and a navigational tool. They ensure that pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists can coexist in harmony while remaining safe. If you’re interested in installing bollards on your campus, browse a selection of bollards here: https://www.brexlighting.com/collections/outdoor


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