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How LED Bollards Are Doing More than Lighting the Path

How LED Bollards Are Doing More than Lighting the Path

September 27, 2017

When it gets dark, it doesn’t matter whether you’re walking in a park, down the street, or up your driveway - you will rely on light to guide you safely. Luckily, LED bollards can be that light source as well as provide multiple other benefits.

 Before diving into the benefits of an LED bollard, let's first look at the composition and purpose of a standard bollard. A bollard can be made out of an assortment of materials including timber, concrete, and polymer, however, is most commonly made out of steel. A typical bollard measures 36 - 52 inches high and is embedded in concrete substrate.

An LED bollard has a similar composition to a standard bollard with the added light on the top acting as a distinguishing feature. Although the light can draw attention to a path, parking space, or garden, it doesn’t mean that it will stand out aesthetically from its surroundings. In fact, many bollards are capable of blending into their environment with the addition of a covering.The covering offers the option of customizing the colour, the top, and the composition.

Bollards in general  are most commonly used for safety and protection of store fronts and pedestrians, which is why they are found guarding storefronts, pathways, and the lanes of roads. While LED bollards may be used in similar circumstances, you’ll commonly find this type of bollard installed in commercial, residential, and public spaces. More specifically used for gardens, walkways, courtyards, and outdoor path lighting. This is because these bollards provide target lighting of areas, provide 150° light distribution, and cost less than other lighting methods such as overhead lighting.

 LED bollards are just as strong, secure, and protective as a traditional bollard. Regardless of the style of bollard that is used, it provides an immediate perceived level of safety to pedestrians and in instances when they are used along public spaces, they offer real security from both accidental and intentional damage from vehicles. At night, LED bollards offer additional security from vehicles, individuals, and animals.

 While security and protection are of interest when it comes to choosing a bollard, one of the most alluring aspects of an LED bollard is that once it is installed, there is minimal maintenance involved. Aside from having to occasionally replace the bulbs, the rest of the structure will remain rust free due to their cast aluminum composition.


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