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How the LED S2 35W is going to replace Corn Cob lights in the US

How the LED S2 35W is going to replace Corn Cob lights in the US

When you imagined a lightbulb prior to the 2000s you’d think of a bulbous incandescent light that was rounded and either short and wide or skinny and narrow. While they came in various lengths and widths, the bulbs generally all took on the similar form. Then in the early 2000’s the Energy Department partnered with private industries to advance white LED technology which to the public meant the introduction of the spiral shaped LEDS (industry known as compact fluorescent coils). So now when we think of lightbulbs today, we commonly think of two kinds of bulbs - the incandescent round or the LED spiral. As of November 2018, however, there’s going to be a new bulb lighting up the landscape - the LED S2 32W.

Keeping with the traditional size of a bulb, the LED S2 was designed following the ANSI.C78 outline. This ensures that the bulb looks and feels just like a traditional bulb - even though the way it provides light is anything but traditional.

The LED S2 has a multiple light emitting surface which provides a wide beam angle of light and ensures good heat dissipation capability. Compared to other bulbs, the heat dissipation capability is increased by 50%. The bulbs standard temperature is around 68°C, which makes it suitable for enclosed luminaires and an excellent choice for areas that require lighting for longer periods of time - like parks, street posts, etc. 

When it comes to choosing a lightbulb, the efficiency of the bulb and environmental impact are often two factors that are heavily considered. With the LED S2 it has an efficiency rating of up to 130lm/W, which is a higher rating than a traditional light bulb that only consumes up to 12% of its energy consumed. As the high efficiency benefits the environment, so does the fact that the product contains no lead or mercury. The bulb is compliant with material restriction requirement of RoHS. It was also designed with patent free LEDS to ensure that it is of good quality and long lasting. As an additional guarantee, a five year warranty is provided for the bulbs.

Higher efficiency, more light, and easy installation makes the bulb not only desirable, but also the better choice when it comes to lighting up your landscape.