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How To Buy Illuminated Bollards

How To Buy Illuminated Bollards

Do you ever wonder what those outdoor landscape lights are that outline the side walk? What about those short exterior lights that line a building? My friends, those are called bollards and they have so many uses. A bollard is a sturdy, short, vertical post that can have illumination.

 They can be used as garden lights, Parking lot protection and illuminated sidewalks, walk ways, and office buildings. So how do I buy a bollard and what should I know about them?

The place to buy a bollard is at Brex Lighting. We offer a wide variety of bollards in different shapes, colors, and sizes. All of our bollards are built to last with energy-saving LEDs that provide high efficiency CREE LED's along with an ultra-wide light distribution to best Illuminate your landscape or building.

 When choosing a bollard you will need a couple specifications

  • Bollard Delivered Lumens
  • Bollard Wattage
  • Bollard Voltage
  • Bollard CCT
  • Bollard CRI
  • Bollard Die-Cast Aluminum Housing
  • Bollard Replace Up To 50W Metal Halide Lamps
  • Bollard Warranty

Once you figure out your bollard specifications you are now ready to purchase a bollard for your project. An illuminated bollard has a recessed base light unit in the foundation which illuminates the traffic bollard from all angles. The main components are housed below the surface of the improvement (typically a concrete surface). Therefore, if a vehicle strikes the traffic bollard, the units below the surface are not damaged. This is one of many examples of how bollards are useful and can be used in an array of projects.