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How to Choose the Right Commercial Street Light Poles

How to Choose the Right Commercial Street Light Poles

Whether they’re for a parking lot, country club, or a municipal restoration project that you’re in charge of, the right commercial lighting options are an important part of any successful outdoor upgrade. Because of their highly visible nature, along with the fact that quite a few of them are usually placed throughout an area, commercial light posts, lighting bases and street light poles play a significant role in how the completed outdoor area looks.

Since your choice of commercial street light poles will impact how happy you are with the outcome of your project, let’s go over four main traits you will want to evaluate as you’re deciding which poles are the right fit for what you want to accomplish:


If your project is in a completely new area, you may have quite a bit of control over how the area is going to look. While that situation is nice, a more common scenario is working on a project in an area with an already established style. In that case, it’s important your light poles are the right match for other surroundings, like houses and outdoor features.


It’s common for pole heights to start around 9 feet and up to 14 feet. You can use a stand-in pole to gage if the height will be aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly the height of your light pole will affect the amount of light to your area. Make sure to get photometric data on your street lights to make sure your project doesn’t have too much or not enough light.


After spending so much time to ensure your project looks good, you want to make sure it will continue to look good for years to come. An easy way to do that is to choose commercial light posts, lighting bases and street light poles made from high quality commercial aluminum alloy. Well-made street light poles won’t have any trouble standing up to demanding weather conditions like ice or temperature fluctuations.

Lighting Options

As you’re deciding what type of commercial streetlights you want, you’ll also want to think about the type of light inside them. High intensity discharge (HID) lighting is an efficient commercial lighting application, but now LED outdoor lighting has come down in price to the point where it’s highly cost effective to install large scale.  Check our report on LED vs HID lighting to help make your decision easier.

Brex Lighting Has You Covered

We pride ourselves on offering multiple commercial light posts, lighting bases and street light poles styles that are made from high quality aluminum alloy. Not only do our commercial street lights look great, but they’re very durable. You can be confident that all it will take is basic maintenance to ensure they’ll look just as good in the future as they do when they’re first installed.