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Introducing the NEW Hi Pro LED E39

Introducing the NEW Hi Pro LED E39

Are you looking to brighten up your building premises without burning a hole in your pocket? Introducing the NEW Hi Pro LED E39 from Brex Lighting. It delivers a powerful 9000 lumens of bright white light while consuming only 75 watts.

It is a well-known fact that quality LED lights turn out economical in the longer run. Compared to CFLs which have a lifespan of 6,000 hours and Halogen bulbs that last up to 4000 hours, LED’s can last upwards of 15,000 hours. The Brex NEW Hi Pro LED E39 runs for an average of 50,000 hours. With almost 10 times longer life and lower power consumption, the larger your facility the bigger will be your savings.

LED for Highbay Lighting:

Highbay lighting is ideal for buildings, interiors of large warehouses that are operational 24/7, manufacturing units, factories as well as gymnasiums. Any space that you could think of that would need to be well illuminated both vertically and horizontally can be well served with Highbay lights. These lights can either be hung from the ceiling (if the ceilings are very high) or can be directly fixed to the ceiling.

Metal Halide, High-Pressure Sodium, Fluorescent Vs LED lights:

Metal Halide(MH), HPS (High-pressure sodium) and Fluorescent lights have been used over the years in sporting arenas and warehouses. These were traditionally used for highbay lighting. Though MH lights have decent color rendering, they take a long time to warm up sometimes close to 30 minutes just like HPS lights. HPS lights have the worst color rendering. Much of the energy produced my MH lights are wasted as heat.

 Fluorescent lights though cheaper contain mercury, which is toxic and requires specific disposal procedures. The useful lives of fluorescent lights are reduced due to constantly switching them on and off.

LED lights on the other hand:

  • Turn on and off instantly
  • Have no wait time to warm up
  • Do not flicker
  • Contain no toxic elements
  • Have superior color rendering
  • Are cool to touch
  • Have constant brightness and doesn’t deteriorate with a drop in temperature

Switching to LED’s is a no-brainer. Now let's take a look at the efficiency of an LED.

Luminous Efficacy is the ratio of light output and power measured in Lumens per Watt (lm/W) and should be high on your checklist when you are considering replacement bulbs. The NEW Hi Pro LED E39 is an energy-saving High Bay LED that provides high-efficiency light along with an ultra-wide 360° light distribution to best illuminate your building. It has an efficacy of 120 lumens per watt, 3 times more than comparable bulbs in its category.

If that wasn’t enough here are 4 more reasons to get an energy efficient LED: 

Lower Maintenance: Highbay light maintenance means dealing with heavier weights, specialized equipment, and trained technicians. These just add to the cost of replacing the light bulbs. LED’s have close to thirty-five times longer lifespan than ordinary bulbs, which mean fewer repair or replacements. This means putting money back in your pocket, that you can spend it in essential building maintenance or invest it back in your business.

You Can Save Even More: It’s not always necessary that you need 100% illumination in your warehouse or building. Though LED’s are already efficient, you can take advantage of technology and dim the lights when required. You could save more by hooking up your lights with presence detectors and daylight control so that your LED’s are not on when they are not required.

Unmatched Warranty:  Most LED’s in the market claim a lot of things, but don't always back it up. If an LED promises 15,000 hours or more lifetime, you should get a warranty of at least 3 years. Brex Lighting’s Hi-Pro LED E39 comes with a 5-year warranty in material and workmanship.