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Introducing the NEW UFO LED Highbay

Introducing the NEW UFO LED Highbay

February 16, 2018

Brex Lighting is proud to introduce the new UFO LED HIGHBAY. The move to LED highbays is on the rise. The energy savings and maintenance benefits are significant, especially if you choose the right alternative. The UFO LED HIGHBAY  is the right alternative lighting choice.  

The UFO LED HIGHBAY is an innovation in LED high bay lighting technology. Thinking outside the box, Brex Lighting designers have rejected COB for a smarter SMD design providing a smaller, lighter, and more powerful solution. This new UFO LED HIGHBAY has a long maintenance free life is a vital value of LED, and heat management governs LED life. UFO LED HIGHBAY  superior temperature management, supported by the use of under driven, high specification components means UFO LED HIGHBAY  is perfect for even the toughest conditions. 

UFO LED HIGHBAY  inherent reliability is ensured by rigorous production line inspection and testing, and thorough burn-in procedures. We’re so confident with

UFO LED HIGHBAY , we’ll gladly provide a five-year warranty. Brex Lighting is the only LED High Bay manufacturer to keep stock. Nowhere else can buy products straight off the shelf. We also sell direct to you. Samples and small quantities can usually be dispatched in 24 to 48 hours.

With the NEW UFO LED HIGHBAY , Brex Lighting has worked hard to remove all the guess work that comes when picking out a highbay light. Correct product selection is vital for the best lighting and financial outcomes. Don’t wrestle with the direct equivalent dilemma. Go to agcled.com and request a photometric simulation for your installation. Insert the details and we’ll send you a detailed recommendation, a recommendation you can be certain will provide the required uniformity and lux levels. Technical Data Sheets and IES photometry files are also available on request.

With the new UFO LED HIGHBAY  you will get superior payback that will turn your UFO LED HIGHBAY into a long-term asset. The expense of a quality LED solution can often be recovered in a little as two years depending on usage patterns and power prices. From that point forward, the savings go straight to the bottom line. Those savings continue for many years, theoretically, as long as 23 years for a typical business profile.

TheUFO LED HIGHBAY comes with a range of options.UFO LED HIGHBAY mainly offers ratings from 6,250lm to more than 45,000lm to match almost any application, each one rated IP65. The standard beam angle is H19601, H25201, H25202, H25203, H53201, H53202 and H53203. Other options include Occupancy control, DALI and 1-10V dimming, ZigBee, Daylight sensor Control. Occupancy Control can increase energy savings to as high as 90%. It ensures HiCloud are only ‘on’ when someone is present and then only to increase the light to a preset desired level.