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LED Highbays Will Change Your Warehouse & Save You Money

LED Highbays Will Change Your Warehouse & Save You Money

Warehouses aren’t merely a huge structure where goods are received, identified, sorted and dispatched from. They are central to the logistics piece of the puzzle for a business today. In addition, when planned properly they improve customer service by reducing cycle times and inventory accompanied with a lower cost of storage.

A major portion of the costs that warehouse operators had to deal with until recently was lighting and energy bills. Insufficient lighting can make a significant impact on the safety and efficiency of the warehouse workers.

 Warehouses are an important part of businesses that rely on distribution of products. The huge sheds are an important part of the logistics network. Companies make no money on lighting up warehouses, so why invest in warehouse lighting?

It costs roughly $1 per year to light a square foot of warehouse space. If you thought it was a waste of money, you are mistaken. Skimping on proper lighting in your warehouse will force you to spend more on dealing with returns, damaged goods, staff turnover and general incompetence if the warehouse isn’t illuminated properly.

The correct amount of lighting not only makes it a safer environment to work in, but impacts the mood and behavior of people working, especially if there isn’t any natural light. Many warehouses work round the clock, where people work in shifts and flickering or dim lights could adversely affect the productivity of workers. On the other hand, too much light can cause unnecessary glare, which can make for an uncomfortable working environment.

Did you know that by planning your light installation to illuminate your warehouse is way more cost effective than just installing lights on every aisle? Warehouses require special lighting solutions for the unique challenges that it needs to overcome.

 Switching to LED a 200,000 square foot warehouse facility could save anywhere between $50,000 to $1, 50,000 annually.

 To make sure your warehouse is well lighted you should plan according to the warehouse landscape. For example, if you are going to stock products close to the roof, you will need more lighting, but you also need to make sure they aren’t too bright on the eyes of the forklift operator.

 There’s no denying the fact that LED’s are the best investment when you are planning to upgrade warehouse lighting. LED highbays are a great combination of quality, versatility, and performance. You should consider LED’s in your warehouse because:

  • It reduces energy consumption by up to 60% of traditional lighting systems like fluorescent or HID lamps
  • LED’s last more than twice as long as their traditional counterparts. This helps keeping maintenance costs low as replacing bulbs inside warehouses that are very high is a labor and cost intensive process and involves specialized equipment
  • There’s not a significant amount of heat produced from LED lights thus not stressing the air conditioning system. It will help you save money by reducing your energy expenses on cooling

Brex lighting introduces the New UFO LED Highbay that’s the perfect lighting companion for your warehouse. There’s no better time to switch to energy-efficient lighting and save money. Here’s what you get with the new UFO LED Highbay:

  • No glare or color distortion, you get a soothing cool white light (5000K CCT) with the UFO LED Highbay
  • It comes in 2 wattage options the 100 W and the 150 W that can take care of all your warehouse lighting needs
  • It can easily replace up to 250 W of metal halide lamps
  • 120° distribution makes it highly energy efficient, with no light being wasted or scattered. This effectively drives down your energy bills
  • Our LED’s are powered by quality drivers, so you require no maintenance or replacement for years to come
  • They are cased in die-cast aluminum housings with a glossy black finish

 An energy survey can help you find whether your current lighting system is efficient enough and how much you can save by switching to LED.

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