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Our family of LED products will make you next project look cohesive.

Our family of LED products will make you next project look cohesive.

May 22, 2018

Lighting choices impact a construction or redecoration project hugely. Often, we make the mistake of treating lighting as an afterthought. The truth is that the type, placement, and combination of lights in your project can either make it look cohesive or jarring. There is a baffling array of interior and exterior lighting available so it makes sense to consult professionals who can pick and choose the lighting options that are a best fit for your project budget and needs.

Brex Lighting’s CAD details program enables designers and architects to incorporate manufacturer-specific product information into their working plans. With more than 30 years of experience and CREE-accreditation, the Brandon Industry-owned Brex Lighting is a hallmark of quality and service. Our extensive product range of indoor and outdoor lighting will meet your project needs perfectly and our client-centric service will always satisfy.

 Outdoor Lighting- A Must for Every Project

Outdoor lighting has multiple benefits – aesthetic as well as functional. Our CREE-certified LED lighting solutions are sure to brighten up your project’s exterior and give it a distinct appeal.

 Here are some advantages of using exterior lighting:

  • Safety: Strategically-placed lights outside a property and places that experience high footfall can reduce accidental falls and slips. Even landscape lighting can alert pedestrians about uneven ground and terrain. The importance of ample lighting to discourage criminals and vandals cannot be overemphasized. Brex offers a wide range of LED floodlights and wall packs to choose from.
  • Illumination: Illumination is the top benefit of outdoor lighting. Barbeque parties and patio get-togethers come alive with the right kind of lighting solutions from Brex. And you really don’t have to worry about clocking a huge electricity bill. Motion-sensor lighting solutions and eco-friendly lighting options are a pocket-friendly choice that’ll help reduce your energy bills.
  • Curb appeal: Highlight the best parts of your property and conceal the not-so-pleasing ones using a cleverly crafted canopy and floodlights. Your architectural plan will be much appreciated if you incorporate smart lighting that will help reduce energy consumption and wastage.
  • Décor: Advanced lighting solutions such as mood lighting are trending these days. Give your clients the option to modulate their lighting controls according to the ambience they wish to project. Take your project to the next level by installing cool light fittings and fixtures such as ornamental bollards and posts.
  • Property Value: An investment in lighting will never go waste. It instantly uplifts the face value of a property and enhances its curb appeal. For a property to stand out and up its market value, installing customized exterior lighting is a wise, affordable option.

Indoor Lighting- Enhance a Property’s Value

Creative indoor lighting balances elements such as colors of furniture and fixtures, natural light, and room size. The right type of lighting can give the illusion of space and create varied moods to suit different occasions.

 Below are the key benefits of indoor lighting:

  • Space management:Rooms with dark walls closely-placed furniture and lack of natural lighting look small. Such spaces need strategically-placed lights to open up hidden corners. Directional lighting and use of corner lamp and wall sconces can also give illusion of a wider space.
  • Better functionality:Good lighting can render better functionality to every room. Use of large chandeliers in foyers and large halls not only look regal but also offers excellent lighting in all directions. Work areas, kitchen and living room need carefully-placed lights to offer sufficient illumination and reduce strain on eyes. Brex’s LED high bay lights are scientifically designed for tall ceilings and large areas.
  • Strategic illumination:Consider concealed lights in picture frames and hung from ceilings to light up specific elements in your room. Recessed lighting built inside floor focus light in vertical beams instead of the diffused illumination provide by lights suspended from the ceiling.

The right kind of lighting can really accentuate your project’s strong points. Apart from illumination, lighting improves security and functionality of spaces. Comprehensive lighting solutions are essential for residential and commercial projects. Brex Lighting is a reputable name in the industry with numerous prestigious projects under its belt.

 Our consultants create unmatchable lighting solutions for projects of all scopes and sizes. We promise free express shipping for all orders and competitive rates for distributors and dealers. Visit our websitefor the complete catalog and pricing.