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Stories that wish they had installed LED bollards

Stories that wish they had installed LED bollards

Sidewalks are meant for pedestrians. But they are not always safe. According to the US Department of Transportation annually over 1,16,000 people are injured due to vehicle accidents on pavements. These are only during snowy and slushy conditions; the total count is way more. 

Claims Magazine estimates that there are over 4,000 injuries and 500 deaths due to cars running into stores that are recorded every year. Most of these are caused by the driver, who are thinking their foot is on the brake when it’s actually on the accelerator or when they think the rear gear is engaged when the car is actually in drive.

How do you keep pedestrians safe?

Bollards can significantly reduce the chances of these kinds of injuries and even save lives. Due to a forceful impact during an accident a car could jump up on to the curb. Permanent bollards made of reinforced steel or similar heavy-duty materials can stop an accelerating vehicle from crashing into people or property.

In dark areas of the city, which aren’t particularly well-lit especially at night, the chances of people misjudging turns and curbs increase exponentially. LED Bollards can help people clearly see the path in addition to offering protection to pedestrians.

LED bollards are increasingly finding acceptance in school and university campuses, offices, government buildings, commercial buildings, airports and residential areas.  Let’s look at how installing these bollards are making our lives safer. 

 LED bollards for better visibility and driving safety:

Generally, seniors have trouble driving in low light conditions. Now if you are living in or around a community that has a considerable aging population, you might have heard of people driving over the curb or grass leaving tire tracks.

In addition to streetlights, communities can benefit from LED bollards. While there are various types of LED bollards, the ones with maximum light distribution in all directions and minimum glare are ideal.  These help the curbs and walkways remain illuminated at night, and also make the road visible to seniors.

Bike Lane Markers using LED bollards:

In many countries, they are also used to shield bicyclists on roads where there's a high volume of vehicles.  Studies show that cyclists prefer separate lanes marked for bikes, as it makes them feel safer and increases the chances of people taking up cycling.

Led bollards used as bike lane marker act as a visual guide. These are much harder to ignore unlike paint on the ground. Bright LED’s on these bollards mean you can’t miss them even on overcast days or at night.

LED bollards for security and wayfinding on campuses:

Nowadays, campus lighting doesn't only mean street lights, there are a broad set of requirements that need to be fulfilled. From security to wayfinding to energy reduction; all of these can be accomplished with LED bollards. LED bollards can replace high power halide lamps; deliver comparatively higher lumens while being energy efficient and are known to last for a long time.

In large campuses walking from the class to the parking lot particularly after dark can feel a little unnerving. Students and faculty have expressed their concerns repeatedly over the years. Lighting naturally increases surveillance after dark in campuses. 

In 2012 the American Association of University Professors observed in a Campus Sexual Assault report that proper lighting is an effective way to deter crime and increase safety on campuses. 

Keeping hospitals safe with LED bollards:

Recently, a patient was escorted out of an East Texas Hospital because of his hostile behavior. Minutes later he drove his pickup truck through the glass window very close the emergency room. Luckily no one was injured.

Occurrences like these are not very uncommon; that’s why hospitals have started investing in bollards around buildings. These help control flow of traffic and increases pedestrian security.  LED bollards enhance the look of the entrance without compromising on safety.

Other Uses:

Another use of LED bollards is in an outdoor parking lot, to enhance visibility without getting in the way of drivers.

They can also be used in walkways at parks, outdoor sitting area in hotels, and also to accentuate landscaping at hotels or commercial buildings.

 At Brandon Industries we have a wide range of LED bollards that you can choose for your next project.  If you would like to know more about how LED bollards can increase outdoor safety while also saving you money get in touch with us here.