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The H-01 LED Post Top- Superior Light Distribution for Landscapes

The H-01 LED Post Top- Superior Light Distribution for Landscapes

November 7, 2018

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting Technology is becoming the de-facto standard in lighting in all walks of life. It has replaced traditional lighting options such as incandescent bulbs, metal halide lights, sodium vapor lights, and fluorescent lights. Some of its obvious advantages are longer life span, better energy efficiency, enhanced handling safety, physical attributes such as compactness and design flexibility, and greater Color Rendering Index (CRI). 

The pros of LED far outweigh the most commonly referred con as summarized in higher initial costs, that more than makes up for in longevity.

Brex Lighting’s new Energy-Saving LED Post Top Fixture H-01 combines attractiveness, durability, and efficient energy distribution. Its corrosion-proof body is die cast in aluminum that possesses best heat-dissipating capabilities. Uniform light beams from this reflector enable superior illumination of landscapes. Higher CRI renders colors effectively, without any color filters.

Even frequent on-off cycling fails to damage LED lights, unlike incandescent bulbs that abruptly die out on frequent power cycling. Higher initial cost is efficiently offset by lower maintenance cost, replacement costs and minimal electricity bills. Energy-efficient LED post tops will indeed be a wise investment for projects of all scopes and sizes.

Before we talk about the features of Brex’s LED post top fixture, let us delve a little deeper into the benefits of installing LED lights.

Advantages of the H-01 LED Lights

  • Longer Lifespan

On an average, an LED light works for 50,000 operating hours to 100,000 operating hours. This is significantly longer than the lifespan of a traditional light bulb that lasts 40 times lesser. This means lower replacement cost and lower maintenance cost (in terms of labor).

  • Greater Energy Efficiency

The number of useful lumens produced by an LED light is a lot higher than incandescent, sodium vapor, and halide lamps. On an average, a facility installed with LED lights is 60%-70% better lit than a similar facility with traditional lighting options. Energy savings could stretch to 90% if Brex’s energy-efficient LED posts are used. 

  • Improved Safety

The biggest safety hazard when it comes to lighting is the amount of direct heat emitted by a bulb. An average incandescent bulb converts almost 90% of its energy input into direct heat, which makes them highly energy inefficient. But, LED lights produce almost no direct heat, which makes them safe and environment friendly. 

  • Physical Compactness

LED lights are incredibly compact and versatile. From stadium lighting, parking lights, mood lighting to focus lighting, LED lights have infinite applications, owing to their small size and design flexibility. They can be bundled, used individually in small power devices, or strung linearly for celebratory occasions.

  • Higher CRI

Actual colors of objects illuminated by LED lamps remain undistorted. CRI values of LED lights range from 65 to 95, much higher than those of sodium halide or incandescent lamps.

  • Directional Emissions

LED lights emit light only at 180 degrees, whereas incandescent lights scatter light beams at 360 degrees. This means focused lighting is not possible through incandescent lights. Reflectors will be required to target emissions in a particular direction- an unnecessary additional cost. In contrast, LED lights side step this issue altogether.

  • Better Durability

LED lights completely do away with the glass casing of incandescent bulbs. They are solid state lights, not prone to breakage and damage. They can withstand blows and rough handling better than other lamps.

  • Dimming Capability

LED lights are able to operate efficiently at lower voltages. Other lamps reduce their power output when voltage falls. Moreover, LED lights do not require any special hardware for coping with fluctuating power. Their lifespan remains unaffected when operated at lower power.

  • No On/Off Issues

 As mentioned before, LED lights have no cycling issues. They do not die out if frequently switched on/off. Plus, LED lights require no warm up time when switched on. They light up instantly, unlike metal halides.

  • Environmentally Safe 

LED lights produce virtually nil UV emissions which are known to degrade sensitivity with rays they illuminate. Plus, LED lights do not contain mercury, so they can be disposed without worries. Minimal infrared emissions from LED lights do not add to global warming issue. This makes LED lights miles ahead in environment-friendliness. 

  • Low Voltage Requirements 

LED lights work extremely efficiently in low voltage areas. Oceanfront homes suffer from voltage dips and can be illuminated well using LED lamps. Additionally, LED lights can be used extensively for outdoor lighting that might have intermittent power issues.

  • Availability in Varied Color Temperatures 

LED lights are available in a range of Correlated Color Temperatures (CCT). You can buy “yellow” lights, cool “white” lights, or any other color, as per your project requirement. Although ambient temperature affects LED illumination, they work equally well in hot and cold environments.

LED lights can not only illuminate landscapes better, they cut down on replacement and maintenance cost, and are not a hazard for handlers or environment. They are visually appealing and adept in low voltage areas.

Introducing The Energy-Saving LED Post Top (H-01) from Brex Lighting 

Brex’s NEW H-01 is an energy-saving LED post top fixture that provides high efficiency CREE LED's along with superior light distribution to best illuminate your landscape. This die-casting aluminum radiator with good heat-dissipating capability comes with an electrostatic polyester powder coating that is corrosion-resistant. The H-01 has a professionally-designed reflector with pleasing aesthetic, high light efficiency and a uniform beam.


  • It can replace 200W pulse start Halide lamp
  • CCT<5700K
  • CRI>70
  • Universal: 120-240/277V, 50-60 Hz driver (347-480 V Optional)
  • Lens angles: 120 degree
  • No hazardous material in fixtures
  • LM 79, LM 80 available
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty 

Product Specifications:




General performance


Input power(W)

Lumens Delivered(lm)

Efficiency (lm/W)


Lumen Maintenance

Color Temperature

Spacing Criteria

Color Consistency

120 degree







L90>36,000 hours




Available upon request


Proprietary binning for uniform color



Input Voltage

Power Factor

120-240/277V, 50-60 Hz









Operating Temperature


10.3 KG

Stainless steel housing, aluminum heat sink

PC lens


Aluminum sleeve (suitable for pole)



-4°to 113°


20-85%, RH non-conditioning



Intended Use


cET Lus, LM79, LM80

Community, square, park, sidewalk, bicycle lane, etc

5 years

Brex’s LED Post Top is a great addition to your outdoor lighting projects. An unmatched combination of durability and attractiveness, they are lighter on the pocket in the long run. Free express shipping, five-year warranty, and certified credentials further add to their appeal.

LED Lights are the Best Choice for Illuminating Open Spaces and Landscapes

According to the US Department of Energy, LED bulbs can be six to seven times more energy efficient than incandescent lights, save over 80% more energy, and last 25+ times as long as traditional light bulbs.

For lighting exteriors, LED lights are the best choice.

Outdoor lighting issues differ from interior lighting ones. LED lights are proven to counter each issue effectively.

            Positioning and glare are less of an issue with LED lights. They are perfect for objects that are sensitive to direct lighting and create a directional beam that focuses on objects. Therefore, they can be used easily to illuminate sidewalks, parking areas and also light up landscapes.

            Outdoor lighting pollution is minimized by the use of LED lights. Incandescent lights can be to bright, if used for exteriors lighting projects. The light can bounce of off houses in the vicinity and cause a nuisance. They can also result in a glare that temporarily blinds pedestrians as well as drivers.

            Lower wattage LED lights generate a soft, warm glow that is much more pleasing to the senses than other kinds of lamps. Plus, they consume much less energy and emit much less heat. All these features make them a perfect fit for all exterior lighting requirements.

            The latest Wi-Fi enabled LED lights can be operated remotely and you can adjust their brightness, dimness, and color with the click of a button or an app. This again helps in conserving energy and creating better illumination. Motion-sensor based and solar powered LED lights are new enhancements that create a positive impact on the environment.

            Since LED lights contain no toxic materials their disposal does not pose a risk to the environment. Most incandescent lamps contain noxious materials; the deadliest one being mercury that contaminate the environment when disposed of in landfills. No such issue arises due to the usage or disposal of LED lights.

            LED lights convert nearly 90% of energy input into light. They are so energy efficient that a typical 84-watt fluorescent light can be replaced by a 36-watt LED to give the same level of luminance, using less than half the energy. Greater energy efficiency means fewer LED lamps will be required for large-scale projects. This is a great payback for the steeper initial purchase price of LED lights. And fortunately, with all the advance in technology and mass adoption of LED's the prices are also falling steadily.

Why You Can Trust Brex Lighting:

Brex Lighting is a reputed brand for lighting equipment and fixtures, from more than 30 years. All light fixtures are CREE certified and come with a warranty of five years. Brex Lighting’s high-quality products and competitive pricing have made it the preferred vendor of suppliers and lighting experts, alike. Core values of its parent company, Brandon Industries, are reflected by Brex Lighting. In keeping with growing consumer demands, Brex Lighting offers personalized shopping experience, online accessibility, and express shipping benefits to all its customers. 

You can order the ALL NEW H-01 Energy-Saving LED Post Top fixture online or call one of our lighting specialists. www.BrexLighting.com– 877-273-9533