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We are Bringing on a new line of corn lights in 27W and 36W

We are Bringing on a new line of corn lights in 27W and 36W

June 12, 2018Lighting is an essential feature of any working space. Optimal lighting solutions can improve our productivity and reduce strain to our eyes. Besides, they can control harmful emissions into our environment and reduce energy consumption on a large scale. All in all, the right light fittings in your home, work, and play spaces satisfy your budget, lighting needs, and environmental concerns.

Corn lights are just what their name suggests. Tiny LED bulbs, numbered anywhere between 80 and 108, arranged neatly in rows resemble corn kernels on a cob. The combined luminosity of LED bulbs produces powerful illumination equivalent to a higher HID replacement bulb. The benefits of LED corn lights become obvious almost immediately after installation.

You get visibly brighter lit spaces, noticeably smaller electricity bills and fewer replacements as compared to traditional light fixtures. Corn lights have come to be considered a pocket-friendly and green lighting solution for most people.

Brex Lighting has been providing quality lighting solutions for over 30 years. All Brex LED products are CREE accredited and come with a warranty of 5 years. Understanding customers’ needs are of paramount importance for us. Keeping in view the high toll that HID light bulbs take on your pocket and the environment, we have introduced a new line of corn lights in 27W and 36W options.

Our daylight corn bulb provides energy savings up to 80% and lasts 50,000 hours (nearly 5.7 years if the light is kept on for 24 hours and 7.6 years if used for 18 hours daily.) Our corn lights have screw base dimensions that can be retrofit to replace most conventional CFL, HPS, metal halide lamps, HQI and SON lights- making them an ideal replacement light solution.  View product catalog and specifications here.

Corn Lights – A Cheap Replacement Light Solution

Corn lights are a perfect replacement solution for most indoor and outdoor lights. They can be used in parking lots, post top lights, street and pathway lights, security lighting, high bay fixtures, wall packs, and drop lights.

Though LED lights are slightly costlier than HID replacement bulbs, their longer average lifespan and lower power consumption make for a great trade-off. To aid you in making a wise purchase decision regarding lighting, here is a list of the significant benefits you will get by installing corn lights in your construction projects:

  • Extremely Energy Efficient: Brex’s LED Corn Lights use 80% less energy as compared to traditional light bulbs. Lower power consumption means smaller electricity bills. Our 27W corn light has a wattage equivalent to a 70W HID bulb and our 36W equal to a 100W bulb. The brightness of corn lights is just right for places that need greater illumination. So they make a great option for vanity mirrors and wall sconces.
  • Low Maintenance solution: Unlike traditional light bulbs, corn lights do not cause fading and discoloration to illuminated nearby objects. So if you wish to highlight your expensive artwork and portraits on your “feature” wall, using LED direct lighting would be a wise move. Moreover, with LED lights there is no need for reflectors or diffusers that can trap light. Since LED lights focus light directly on the objects in its ambit, they make an ideal fit for task lighting and recessed downlights. Plus, LED lights have an epoxy lens casing instead of glass, so they are resistant to breakage.
  • A Total “green” solution: LED lights gained popularity because they produce almost no harmful emissions such as UV rays or infra-red emissions. So they don’t contribute to global warming and don’t cause any direct damage to your skin or eyes.
  • Minimal Heat Emissions: LED lights are “cooler” than incandescent such as CFL and halogen lights. So they don’t burn your fingers or have any risk of combustion. CFL lights dissipate almost 80% of their energy as heat whereas incandescents waste 80% of their energy as heat. In comparison, LED lights have almost zero heat emissions.
  • Long Lifespan: As explained, corn lights have a longer lifespan, low maintenance cost and are sturdier than conventional lighting solutions. LED lights are almost unaffected by rapid cycling (switching on and off of lights). Traditional light bulbs tend to lose life per click. Also, LED lights have an instant “on” effect. Typically, CFLs require 3 minutes or more to reach their maximum illumination but LEDs come to life the moment they are switched on.