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Why it's important to get an Energy Survey when picking out lighting for your building.

Why it's important to get an Energy Survey when picking out lighting for your building.

April 17, 2018

Energy survey for buildings can prove instrumental in cutting down energy consumption and expenses. They help in identifying loopholes in energy management and in devising measures to optimize energy efficiency.  Brex Lighting Offers free energy surveys and audits carried out by certified energy consultants. Our vast experience of 30 years in energy audit practices can help your business reduce energy consumption, prioritize energy efficiency and ultimately reduce your utility bills.

Once we identify the energy inefficiencies in your business, we help you drill down on the best lighting options to meet your energy requirements cost effectively. Our comprehensive portfolio of UFO LED Highbay products and Upgrade Warehouse Lighting services can meet diverse budgets and illumination requirements.

Let us take a look at how energy audits and surveys can be a vital pivot point while picking lighting options for your building.

Benefits of Energy Audits and Surveys for Buildings

As per various sources of energy consumption data, 30% is the amount of energy an average commercial building wastes. Our free energy survey and audit can help you reduce this wastage and bring your electricity bills down.

Typically, a comprehensive energy survey can lead to 10% to 15% cost savings on utility bills if all recommendations are implemented stringently. Apart from the cost benefit, energy audits can optimize energy consumptions and reduce harmful emissions into the environment. So, energy audits can result in happy building owners and a healthier environment. The advantages of an energy audit are as follows:

  • Identification of the high energy users in premises
  • Location of potential areas of energy wastage
  • Calculation of the energy base load of a building
  • Recommendation of energy efficient options with rapid payback
  • Reduction of utility bills

 Our objective survey results report will highlight all crucial pain points in your building’s energy management system. Even without investing in any new lighting equipment, you can considerably reduce energy wastage just by following the practical recommendations summarized in our report.

To further reduce your energy consumption and wastage, you can opt for Brex’s energy-saving lighting options and upgrade your building/warehouse lighting systems. 

Energy-Saving Lighting Options by Brex

Our LED Highbay Light Fixtures are CREE-certified and come with a warranty of five years. These are extremely energy-efficient and cost-effective owing to their enhanced illumination capabilities, even for commercial buildings and warehouses with tall ceilings and large floor areas. Their laser-beamlike capability focuses light over long ranges. We provide free shipping on all orders and exclusive discounts and offers to MyBrex Rewards Club members.

Upgrade your Warehouse lighting to LED

LED lighting options have become the preferred choice for millions of commercial and residential building owners and occupants. Upgrading your warehouse’s lighting to LED is a smart choice and here are the reasons for this:

  • LED options can provide up to 79% energy savings

Replacing outdated T12 and T8 fluorescent lights with LED can result in almost 79% energy savings. LED lights consume less energy, illuminate better and produce negligible heat. Consequently, your energy usage reduces and energy efficiency improves.

  • Rewards and rebates for upgrading to LED

By upgrading to LED, you can not only shrink your power bills but could also be eligible for rebates from your local power company for moving to energy efficient lighting. When you replace your warehouse’s metal halide light fixtures to LED, you are doing a favor both to your power company and yourself. If upgrading is done on a large scale, the total energy consumption becomes all the lesser. There will be no need to construct a new power plant and your local power company will thank you for doing this.

Read the details about America’s “green” lighting incentives here.

  • Worker productivity gets enhanced

Using pure, white LED lights that mimic daylight can ease the strain on your workers’ eyes and improve their productivity. Better illumination also decreases instances of accidents and generally uplift workers’ morale. 

  • Upgrading is quick and easy to do

The best part of upgrading to LED lighting is that you might not need to install new fixtures at all. Retrofitted LED fixtures by Brex can fit right into your existing holders.

Energy surveys for commercial and residential buildings can provide insight into the top energy consumers in the premises, energy leak points in the building, renewable energy options best suited, and cost-saving recommendations for your building. Upgrading to LED lighting is a proactive step towards better energy usage and lower power bills.