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Why Powder Coat Paint is Far Superior

Why Powder Coat Paint is Far Superior

AAMA 2604-Compliant Powder Coat Paint is Far Superior

Not all paint finishes are created equal. Many manufacturers call their powder-coat paint “super durable,” but what does that really mean?

Brex uses an electrostatically applied Polyester Thermoset powder-coat paint. Our paint is AAMA 2604 compliant, which means it provides excellent weather and UV resistance based on five-year Florida exposure.

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) sets the performance standards for the window, door, skylight, and outdoor architectural products market, and not all of our competitors adhere to this high standard.

Here’s why it matters.

When you think of paint, wet paint comes to mind. But powder-coat paint is dry like flour. The powder particles are applied with a spray gun, which applies an electrostatic charge and the particles are attracted to the grounded part.

Wet coat paint misses about 70 percent of the part, but powder-coat paint wraps around the part because of the charged particles.

The parts enter a curing oven where they become hardened like a candy-coated shell. Curing ensures a finish that’s stronger than a wet coat and is more environmentally friendly because it doesn’t emit VOC compounds.

Powder-coated parts are more durable and won’t scratch, chip, corrode or fade as easily as other finishes.

Brex takes it a step further by contracting with an independent salt spray lab to ensure our parts can withstand the harshest of conditions. It does cost more to check your work, but we think it’s worth it.

When you’re comparison shopping, make sure you know what you’re getting. Competitors might have a better price, but if their parts aren’t AAMA 2604 compliant, then you’re getting an inferior product and we think you deserve better.

From LED lighting for industrial sites and municipalities to durable commercial light poles and fixtures, Brex offers the best products at the best price.