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Why You Should Put LED Bollards in an Office Park

Why You Should Put LED Bollards in an Office Park

October 18, 2017

As employees navigate to and from work, you can imagine how there is a lot of activity that takes place within an office park. Between the hours of 8am - 10am, employees are often rushing into work and pulling into the parking lots fast and occasionally even acting erratically to avoid being late. Once all employees have arrived, there is a slight break until lunch hours begin. Then from 11am - 1pm, the employees rush again as they leave for their lunch break or return back. Luckily, after lunch there is a larger break until employees rush again to go home between the hours of 4pm - 6pm. With all this rushing going on, one must question how safely are people coming and going?

Often an office park is intertwined by a series of parking lots that employees from various companies share. This means a massive amount of employees are competing with each other to be the first to leave the lot - often times without paying much attention to anything else. That is why, LED bollards should be installed.

The main reason for LED bollards being included in an office park is because of the level of protection they can offer. They not only prevent cars from bumping into other cars, but also from hitting pedestrians and buildings. This can be achieved by installing bollards along the premises of the parking lot, around the sidewalk, and in front of the buildings that are close to the parking lots.

In addition to protecting pedestrians that are navigating to and from work, LED bollards provide visual boundaries of the property. This prevents accidental damage happening to buildings, the landscape, or sidewalks. Often times an office park will include sidewalks, but may have them built close to the parking lot or abruptly end once a parking lot is in view. While this is mildly acceptable during the day, it’s more difficult for safety at night. That is why having LED bollards along the path as well as indicating the start and stop of the sidewalk at night, will not only make drivers more cautious of pedestrians entering the parking lot, but will also make pedestrians more aware of their need to be on high alert for cars.

Having protection and providing safety are two of the main perceived benefits for LED bollards, however, they also offer an easy installation, are relatively maintenance free, and are are environmentally friendly. Depending on the style of LED bollard that interests you, you can choose between a stationary one or a collapsible one. The installation of bollards is relatively the same with concrete anchors used to support the bollard. Once the bollard is installed, minimal maintenance is involved as the only requirement will be to occasionally change the bulb once it is no longer viable. Since the bollards use LED bulbs, they are more environmentally friendly than their counterparts since no hazardous substances (ie no mercury, lead, or uv) is used.

So with easy installation, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly properties, it seems obvious why one would choose LED bollards to protect and secure the premises.



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