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    1. Replace Up To 100W Metal Halide Lamps
    2. Delivered Lumens: 2450
    3. Wattage: 25W
    4. Voltage: 120-277V
    5. CCT: 4000K
    6. CRI: >70
    7. Die-Cast Aluminum Housing
    8. 5-Year Warranty
    9. UPC 745556146863
  • LED bollards are outdoor lighting fixtures typically illuminating walkways, parking areas, and other outdoor spaces. Bollards are made of sturdy material, such as cast aluminum or steel, with a light fixture mounted on top. Benefits of installing LED bollards include; energy efficiency, long lifespan, low maintenance, and safety: LED bollards can help to improve safety in outdoor spaces by providing better visibility. This is especially important in areas with high pedestrian traffic, such as parking lots and walkways. LED bollards can be used in various settings, including parking lots, walkways, and pedestrian areas, such as plazas and parks. LED bollards are also architectural design features that can be used as part of an overall design theme in city centers, parks, entertainment areas, or retail developments.

    The B-8R3 round-top LED bollard provides ultra-wide, 150-degree light distribution. It is available in color temperatures of 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K. The casting is made of extruded aluminum with a durable die-cast aluminum finish. It is available in 25W or 35W and 120-277V and delivers 2450 Lumens.  The bollards are available in semi-black gloss or textured dark bronze.

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Type: LED Bollard

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