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LED Can Light - 30K/40K/50K - 13.5W


    1. Color Temperature: 30K/40K/50K
    2. Watts: 13.5W
    3. Lumens: 1100L
    4. Voltage: 120-270V
    5. 5 Year Warranty
    6. BREX Express
  • LED recessed downlights, known as can lights, offer choices for color temperatures and wattages, adaptable for many situations.  The many benefits of using LED recessed downlights include energy efficiency, longer bulb life, clean aesthetics, saving space, dimming features, and being highly customizable.  The Brex LED recessed downlights are available in 70-degree or 85-degree beam angles and provide smooth, uniform dimming from 100 – 5 percent. 

    The Brex DR56BVCCT2 LED can light offers selectable color temperatures of 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K.   The fixture provides 1100 Lumens and is 13.5W and 120-277V.  The LED recessed downlights allow for installation without a recessed can and has an adaptor that can attach directly to the existing light socket.  The fixture is shatter resistant and produces flicker-free illumination for consistent lighting.

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Collections: Indoor Lighting

Type: LED Can Light

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